At Edamus we let the clients do the talking.

Thank you for each and every incredible review!

If you love good food and good company Jolandi and her family give you that and more. She is an excellent chef and thoughtful hostess who prepared a wonderful meal of traditional South African dishes. Visitng a welcoming home and have freshly prepared food made from scratch is a treat at any time but when you are travelling it is even more so. Restaurants and hotels no matter how good can never quite match the very personal atmosphere of a family who welcome you to join them. Put this on your bucket list for Cape Town it is worth it!
— Geraldine Castlet - 01/18
We are over the moon. We are impressed because you did well by us. The Boss’ own words: “This is the best catering company in the world ever.”
That made our night.
— Benedict -Insika Foundation 09/18
Thanks Jolandi... The group enjoyed every second of it!
— Daryl Bird, Cape Tours And Adventures 08/18
Thank you for a wonderful job done on my mothers funeral High Tea
— Julia Day (Generation Interior Design) - 06/18
When a mom’s love for food and kids collide, it is bound to create an interesting journey. May you have fun going forward and keep on creating magic!
— Leon Viljoen - 06/18
Thank you EVER so kindly.
Such a beautiful evening with you and your family.
The food, ambiance and music was more than what we all expected. BRAVO to all of you and
a BIG THANK YOU again! You did an absolute amazing job!
— Cindy, Travac Travel Canada 11/16
Mouth watering cuisine with first class presentation. An experience that leaves you pleasantly surprised by all the delectable flavors lingering after every bite! I highly recommend this service to make your function unforgettable.
— Andrea Rautenbach - 02/18
Zanzibar ‘s 5 star hotel ‘s food did not come close to the delectable taste and attention to detail of this new chef on the block ‘s marvels.From comfort food , old favourites like milktart to pulled pork mini pies she is a winner presenting us with a new outlook on smaller dishes fantastically tastefull cuisine often with a twist like a pan fried pear salad, or coq a vin a la paris .Great going Edamus , looking forward to our next function with you
— Estelle de Munnik - 09/16