Cape Tours & Adventures American Evening

I am totally in my element when I can cook, host and entertain. My two favourite things in life (other than my beautiful family) are people and food. Therefor, traveling is quite a big deal for me. When I travel I want to experience as much as I possibly can, especially about the people, their culture and specifically their food culture. Visit Traveling Spoon to learn more about how you can do this while traveling.

There is no better experience than sharing a table and meal with people in their own home. I believe it is a beautiful gesture when someone opens their home to you, it is a small piece of their heart that they are sharing with you. To me it is a sign of friendship and serving someone. 

I love sharing my home and heart with our guests. We recently had SO much fun hosting these crazy & fun-loving Americans while letting them experience, taste and love Cape Town in the comfort of our home. Thanks to Cape Tours and Adventures for ensuring such a fantastic birthday celebration tour to these tourists. 

Polenta squares topped with caramelised onions and topped with bobotie slices
Boerewors slices topped with dijon mayonnaise
Mini corn breads served with fig jam and farm butter

Chunky fish cakes topped with mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce

Traditional bobotie/roasted butternut and vegetable bobotie served with yellow rice & tomato, cucumber and onion salsa. 

Thank you Cape Tours and Adventures & George Rautenbach Photography.