Welcome to WATERFORD

Generally I am not one for mainstream wineries , but I have to admit, driving up through the olive plantation to the entrance of Waterford, I definitely did not mind sharing the space with fellow wine and chocolate lovers. 

Waterford is situated on, yes, Stellenrust road, the one I have been going on about for weeks now. If you have not put time aside for this(make this a weekend trip) you need to do it NOW! 

I have to agree with a statement from the Estate itself: "Those who have visited are drawn back often not only to the sumptuous wines, but to the heart and soul of Waterford." Their philosophy that celebrates prosperity, life, food, wine, family and friends will always draw me back, not even to mention the tranquil beauty it has to offer. I really value the effort that went into this showcase estate, once you set foot on their Estate you feel like you have just entered paradise through the valleys of France.

Waterford offers an unique tasting experience and you get to choose between the following options: 

  1. standard wine tasting
  2. wine & chocolate experience(my favourite ofcourse)
  3. Waterford estate experience
  4. Library collection experience
  5. Reserve vintage tasting
  6. The Jem tasting
  7. or for something quite unique and different you can join in on a wine drive for a 2hour drive around their beautiful estate. 

We did a combination of options one and two and were pleasantly surprised by the exquisite chocolates that are supplied by Von Geusau, who is also a client of Sumi Creations, who does all his gorgeous labels and designs. 

The pairing is spectacularly done with the chocolates and it makes it quite difficult for me to pick my favourites. On the warm sunny day we experienced I am naturally biased to their new style Sauvignon blanc with the grapes harvested in Elgin, but their traditional Sauvignon blanc with the old cork has a beautiful nose. 

The Sommelier treated us with a tasting of the Jem, which is their flagship wine, selling fro R900 a bottle, needles to say it was exquisite.

Be sure not to miss Waterford on your visit to Stellenrust road.

Trading hours: Monday - Friday 09:00 -17:00, Saturdays 10:00 - 17:00, info@waterfordestate.co.za, 021 8805300.