This is De Trafford

It is time to introduce you to and share my wine tasting experience at De Trafford winery with you.  Driving up the winding country road you will have to persist until you reach the last farm, deep in the mountain.  Driving up towards the winery on the left you are greeted by an oasis of South African indigenous plants, a huge haven, a sanctuary of shade.

We were greeted by the winemaker’s own body guard, his loving schnauzer, as we entered the beautiful old cellar up in the mountain. David Trafford, former architect, is the owner and wine maker of these delicious hand crafted de Trafford wines. The labels tell interesting stories with their flagship wine, Elevation 393, referring to the height above sea level(393m), right where their house is situated on the slopes of the mountain. David’s love for architecture clearly portrays through the labels and packaging as you’ll see the labels are all cleverly designed with the outlay of the cellar or blue print of their home, the typical trademark of an architect. 

David’s wife, Rita, is an accomplished artist and her paintings are used on some of the labels, I love that they change these labels every 2 years to keep it fresh and interesting. 

De Trafford must easily be one of my favourite settings for a wine tasting, the beautiful cellar almost tells it’s story itself. Two thirds of their wines are distributed and exported to Europe, so you get to taste 5 wines during your visit. Being a Shiraz lover myself I am besotted with their Blueprint Syrah, being one of the best syrah’s I’ve tasted for a while. Their Merlot is very quirky by not being your average easy drinking wine and can easily be confused for a Cabernet Sauvignon. They also produce a very special dessert wine, called Straw wine. You’ll easily recognise the bottle adorned with a portrait done by Rita of two colourful African women. These grapes are left outside on racks to dry naturally, they then press the grapes to make one of the most elegantly sweet dessert wines. Be sure to grab or order yourself one in time for Christmas. 

De Trafford is open for tastings on Saturday’s only from 10:00 - 13:00 at R50 per person. Alternatively you can contact them for a private tasting that is conducted throughout the week and is charged at R200 per person.