When I think of Keermont I picture myself standing in the beautiful cool winery of Keermont tasting away at their delicious wines whilst listening to one of the most intellectual wine tastings I have ever experienced. 

Keermont is such a treat to visit, this boutique wine estate is set in a naturally-formed amphitheatre between the Helderberg and Stellenbosch mountain ranges and assures for spectacular views. They aim to grow wines that reflect the natural wonders of the beautiful setting, and they do it perfectly. 

The name comes from Keerweder, which is the name of the former farm. A keerweder is a dead end in a valley - it literally translates to 'block again', as the early settlers were blocked by the terrain when they tried to pass through the valley. 

The most prominent thing about Keermont is their philosophy regarding their wines. They tend towards the natural rather than the scientific, which is something I totally support. 

A remarkably tight unit of nine people run the whole of Keermont Vineyards. All work, from tending the vines to packaging the bottles for final release, is carried out by this small team to ensure that the same attention to detail is followed throughout the wines’ production. They aim to guide their wines through fermentation and maturation as gently as possible and believe through this gentle process, they can capture the true essence of the fruit that they put so much effort into growing. This is naturally reflected in their perfectly well-balanced wines.

If you are into the new more modern style and trends of natural wines do give Keermont a visit as they use less chemical fertilizers, fewer pesticide, try to irrigate and intervene as little as possible in the winery. I do believe this is the way to go, especially if you do enjoy consuming a healthy amount of wine. I particularly enjoyed their Companion wine, maybe because I find wine to be one of the best companions. Their Fleurfontein is also an outstanding dessert wine which will pair perfectly with a selection of cheeses. 

In the words of Neal Martin (Wine Advocate, October 2013), “If you want to see the new South Africa and catch a glimpse of what the future beholds, then look no further than Keermont.”

Definitely a great experience, beautiful drive up and wonderful tasting experience. 

Visit Keermont at:Keermont Vineyards, Upper Blaauwklippen road, Stellenbosch, South Africa. +27 021 880 0397 *Do note that they are only open for tastings every Friday from 10:30-13:30 or book an appointment.