Terebinte Goose and Berry Farm

Terebinte, derived from the Terebinte tree. It symbolizes a mighty tree with its roots so deep and steadfast in the soil, that it cannot be destroyed by wind, rain and storms. It moves with the wind but stays rooted strongly in the earth. The same can be said about the Wasserman family.  

This is one of those stories that truly needs to be told.  A story of persistence, a story of a father with a family of 4 who lost everything in 1995. In the year 2000, he was finally given an opportunity and he set out to the Graskop area with a chainsaw and a few axes to remove burned wood after a great fire that year. He started working on one of the farms in the area and after a great struggle eventually acquired the farm in a dilapidated state. Luckily the farm boasted with avocado trees, macadamia nut trees and berry bushes that were neglected for years. Slowly but surely they started rebuilding and revamping the farm. 

Today, in the shadows of God’s window, you will find a small, rustic farm situated snugly between many kilometers of plantations and endless farm activities. A few Nguni cows roam the farm, together with a large gaggle of 800 geese and chicken that conveniently keep the yard clean and walk around freely.  

The natural valley in which the farm is situated now produces the most amazing avocado pears, macadamia nuts and a delicious variety of berries. On your visit to Terebinte you will be given the opportunity to partake in the berries, nuts, litchis or avocado picking and packing and of course eating.

After a morning of work you get to have breakfast (mieliepap, milk and sugar) with the team at the farm shop where you can also purchase some delicious delicacies. Tannie Rita’s magic hands makes Jam’s, piccalilli, juices, pickles, etc. from all the fresh produce on the farm. Be sure to ask Mari to bake a fresh bread for you in their coal stove to enjoy all your homemade farm goodies with.

This ‘green’ farm runs solely on solar power and borehole water and they can boast about being the biggest geese farm in South Africa. Every 2 months the geese feathers are harvested and turned into the finest duvet covers and pillows. You can also purchase these at the farm stall build by oom Hekkie himself.

Oom Hekkie being a very humble 72 year old and still going strong, has a remarkable talent for building. He does all the building and construction on the farm himself. The farm now also have a gorgeous 3 sleeper bungalow as well as an idyllic backpackers, neatly decorated with all that is required for a real farm-style stay and perfect for a breakaway from the city or en-route to your next destination. You can book directly on airbnb, lekkeslaap or travelground. At night you get to sit around a large bon fire and gaze at the Lowveld’s clear starry nights and if your lucky enough get to listen to oom Hekkies fascinating stories and life tale. 

Be sure not to drive past this beautiful farm on your next road trip through the Lowveld or visit to the Kruger National park .